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Our Human Resources Policy

Seçme ve Yerleştirme

Eğitim ve Gelişim

Human factor is one of our strengths that paves the way to success.

Human factor is one of our strengths that paves the way to success.
As Teleset Group Human Resources, we adopt the principle of recruiting skillful and successful individuals, contributing to their improvement and working together for long years.
Our main principle is that we give our personnel a sense of belonging and make them feel as a part of Teleset Group Family.

Recruitment And Assignment

All applications are scrutinized and even if there is no vacant position at the time of the application, candidates may be invited to general interviews routinely and their applications are reviewed when a need arises. Competence-based interviews allow recruitment of successful individuals who aim for permanence.
We reach out to candidates through announcements on newspaper, internet and career websites for vacant positions. Other than the announcements posted, general applications are open in all periods.
The main principle in recruitment and assignment of personnel is to give equal opportunities to candidates with required competence for the work and allow their progression without any discrimination or privilege.
Need for human resources could be defined within a broad range. During the applications, even though educational level, experience and language knowledge are of importance in line with the requirements of the relevant position, personal qualifications and characteristics observed during the interviews also play an important role in recruitment decision.


Training And Improvement

As Teleset Group, our prioritized objective is to host and improve experts, directors and leaders who continuously monitor globalization, change, advantages of development and technology, will reflect these on their work to progress the company and are distinguished in their work.
Our training plans are developed to ensure efficiency of our personnel and develop our company.

New personnel at our company are given orientation trainings in framework of Teleset Group Orientation Procedure starting from day one.
Internal and external training courses are delivered to any staff member from all organizational levels in response to organizational needs, company targets, individual targets and personal improvement needs.
Teleset Group creates equal opportunities in order to employ the best labor force to ensure continuity of affiliated companies and to enable personnel to improve and progress through training courses.


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