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Corporate Social Resposibility

As Teleset Group, we acknowledge the ethical framework to act for the benefit of society at large. We, as Teleset Group Family, are aware that success is not only dependent upon marketing, sales and financial data.  We fulfill our responsibility for a better future through environmental efforts, philanthropy, ethical labor practices and volunteering to express our certain concerns for specific issues. More practically, our commitment to social works is to have a positive impact on social and environmental wellbeing. All of our efforts in every aspect of our work constitute the outline of our concept of being a sustainable and responsible corporation

Manisa Industrial Park Sheltered Workshop for the Mentally Disabled Life Center

We are honored  to open the first workshop of Turkey at Manisa Industrial Park Sheltered Mentally Disabled Life Center (Z.E.K.I.) .


As the Teleset family, we broke new ground in Turkey by touching the lives of young people with mental disabilities and their families Seeing the happiness on the faces of our new colleagues and their families during their first working days showed us how meaningful initiative we have made. We hope that this project will be implemented in all organized industrial zones in our country and that workplaces providing employment will also include individuals with mental disabilities.

Teleset Primary School

The 8-classroom primary school with a capacity of 260 students, built by Teleset Group in the Karaağaçlı quarter of the Şehzadeler district, was put into service in the 2019-2020 academic year.


Teleset Group - Manisa Prison Cooperation


They both learn a profession and earn money in prison


25 percent of convicts in prison are employed in job workshops.

Our aim is them to be individuals who are beneficial to society when they are released from prison.


 Manisa Violence Prevention and Monitoring Center


Makbule Ölçen Training and Rehabilitation Center My Class Project


Teleset Group - Sister School Project


Teleset Group - Support for Women Entrepreneurs


C.B.U. Demirci Faculty of Education Afforestation Project
Teleset Group Grove

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