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Teleset Elektromekanik carries out its activities in Manisa and Çerkezköy facilities in a closed area of 60.000m2 with the production of 4 different product groups.


Our cable harnessing and electromechanical assembly facility is at world standards, with its comprehensive and modern machine park and experienced staff; produces a wide range of high quality cable harnesses, from special and simple cable assemblies to the most complex cable harnesses.

Tubular manufacturing company produces WoT Condensers and Frame heaters used in refrigerators and freezers with state-of-the-art production processes, high measurement precision and efficiency.


Our molding facility designs and manufactures manual, progressive and transfer line molds with its expert staff, up-to-date CAD-CAM software, advanced technology and extensive machinery. In parallel with the needs of each new product project involving metal parts, technical support is provided to customers in all processes from the prototype stage to mass production. In mold designs, production processes, the integrity of the original design, material and time efficiency are taken into consideration and perfect, high-performance solutions are offered to customers.


Our press shop carries out a wide range of metal parts production activities from very small and simple parts to large and complex parts in line with customer demands. Robotic transfer lines with capacities between 40 tons and 500 tons and also a machine park including eccentric and hydraulic presses are used in their production, thus, high measurement precision and efficiency are guaranteed with extremely safe production processes


Our facility provides service in a closed area of 5.000m2 in Manisa location.

As one of the leading companies in Styrofoam packaging sector, Karpek offers high quality solutions tailored to varying customer needs in competitive prices with its rapid and high-quality services and experienced staff. The products of Karpek, which delivers service with a high production capacity and extensive machine park, are used in a wide range of areas in packaging sector, heat insulation and decoration.10% of the total production tonnage is recycled.

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