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Quality Policy

Teleset Group carries out all its activities with its "quality first" philosophy. We have ISO 9001 / TS 16949 / ISO 14001, COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems certifications.


In order to bring the efficiency in all business processes to perfection with the aim of "0" defect, all relevant processes in each new project are carefully designed and developed with continuous improvement activities. In these studies:


  • Lean 6 Sigma, APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning),

  • PPM Analysis, MSA (Measuring Systems Analysis),

  • IPK (Statistical Process Control),

  • OEE (Total Equipment Efficiency),

  •  5S

Total Quality and Production Management System applications are used, and effectiveness is monitored and evaluated at regular intervals.

In order to keep the product quality at the highest level, all functional and critical parameters are tested periodically in the laboratories equipped with the latest technology in the company, in line with international standards.

All materials used in our processes comply with Rohs Directive 2011/65/EU - (EU) 2015/86 and REACH- Regulation 1907/2006.

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